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  • Terms & Conditions

    Please know that by registering online you understand and agree (hereinafter referred to as "AGREEMENT") to the following:

    • This registration process is ONLY OPEN to "HORSE OWNERS" (hereinafter referred to as "OWNER") with an entry on the same day.
    • Each OWNER is also invited to include, in their registration, one (1) GUEST (hereinafter referred to as "GUEST") to attend the track that day as well. Both parties must arrive and go through the entrance procedure at the track together. Each visitor must individually participate in the Mandatory Daily Screening Protocol which includes a completed COVID-19 Visitor Screening Questionnaire and a temperature check.
    • Every OWNER is responsible to ensure their named GUEST also abides by the terms as set out in this AGREEMENT, without exception.
    • No substitution for either named OWNER or GUEST as submitted through this registration process is permitted. Entry will be denied to any party that does not match the information provided in the registration. Government issued photo ID is required for identity verification.
    • A non-medical face mask must be worn by OWNERS and GUESTS to enter the site and for the duration of the stay. Masks must cover your nose and chin and be form-fitting. Face shields will not be accepted.
    • Onsite screening to monitor for symptoms related to cold, flu or COVID-19 will be ongoing and any person exhibiting such symptoms will be asked to leave the site.
    • Individuals are required to practice social distancing, which is a mandatory six (6) feet apart, at all times.
    • Frequent use of handwashing/sanitizing stations is required while onsite.
    • Visitors must follow the direction of staff while onsite.
    • Facility Management and Staff are fully authorized to deny entry, rescind previously granted access or request an individual to leave the facility immediately if there is a breach of these Terms & Conditions. All decisions are final.

    Additional Information

    • Our facility has a MAXIMUM LIMIT OF 100 individuals being allowed in through the registration process. Spots are allocated on a FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED BASIS.
    • Registration will close once the limit of 100 has been reached. In the event that extra registrations above the 100 threshold make it through before we are able to manually close either or both registration forms, registrants (OWNERS) will be notified asap that their entry registration is Null and Void for that specific day.
    • No food or beverages are available for purchase.
    • No live Tellers will be available for wagering. Wagering can be conducted online at
    • Access to the races will be through the Casino’s front entrance driveway. Parking and entrance to the tarmac is at the rear of the building. Both the Casino and the Racetrack buildings are currently not open to the public.
    • No smoking is permitted on the tarmac. While onsite, smoking will only be allowed in the designated smoking area.