Harness Racing During Covid-19

Kawartha Downs & Speedway
1382 County Rd. #28
Fraserville, Ontario K0L 1V0

Starting July 25, 2020, Kawartha Downs will be opening the Saturday night races to spectators.


Starting July 25, 2020, Kawartha Downs will be opening the Saturday night races to spectators, with a maximum capacity of one hundred people. At this time, we will be offering these spaces to owners only, with the option of bringing a guest. All spaces must be booked prior to race night as space is limited.

Bookings are on a first come first serve basis and must be done through our website registration – phone calls will not be accepted. To enter the Kawartha Downs site each visitor must:

  • Bring a copy of their booking acceptance email.
  • Participate and successfully complete the Mandatory Daily Screening Protocol which includes a temperature check and submission of the COVID-19 Visitor Screening Questionnaire. The questionnaire is available here and may be printed and completed before arrival to minimize entry time.
  • Wear a non-medical facial mask to enter the site and for the duration of your stay. Masks must cover your nose and chin and be form-fitting. Face shields will not be accepted.

In order to protect visitors, staff and the community, each person must practice physical distancing and use the provided hand washing/sanitizing stations in addition to the wearing of a face mask while onsite. This is Kawartha Downs policy and must be followed.

Kawartha Downs will not be offering food or beverages at this time. All betting will continue to be done thru HPI (www.hpibet.com).

One Race Program will be given per booth free of charge during COVID-19 racing.

Kawartha Downs along with our employees thank you for your understanding and cooperation during this unusual time.


Are visitors allowed to bring food or beverages when they visit Kawartha Downs?

Yes, we will be allowing visitors to bring food and non-alcoholic beverages during
this time. Drinks must be in an unopened plastic container. All food and drinks
must be consumed in your booth area. Temporary removal of your mask while
eating and drinking will be permitted. Masks are required to be replaced directly
after consumption.

Can I register if I am not a current owner of a horse racing at Kawartha Downs?
At this time only current owners of horses racing at Kawartha Downs can
register. Owners are only allowed to register for the night their horse is racing at
Kawartha Downs. When and if this changes Kawartha Downs will officially
announce the new policies.
While onsite can I go to the backstretch to see a trainer, a horse, or for another reason?
The backstretch will be closed to the visitors that will be viewing the races
through the website registration.
Can I bring my own seating?
No outside seating is allowed, seating will be provided.
Is WiFi available for visitors to use while onsite?
Yes, WiFi is available but due to our location we are unable to guarantee the quality or speed.