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You don’t have to bet to experience the thrill of picking a winner, but it does tend to increase your involvement. The choice is yours. Just read on if you’d like a little more information.

Step #1 – Pick a Horse
Some people pick their horses based on familiar names, lucky numbers, birthdates and just about any method that seems to work for them. This type of wagering can be fun – although it won’t always produce a winner. Some people study the program’s past performance information for hours on end, while others simply refer to the selections at the top of each page or the race analysis that is contained in many programs.

Step #2 – Place a Bet
If you’re new to the game, we suggest that you make a SHOW bet for your first play. The minimum bet is $2 and you collect a payoff if your horse finishes first, second or third. When you’re ready to place to your bet, go to any mutel window and say – “TWO DOLLARS TO SHOW ON NUMBER __, PLEASE”

Most races have Win, Place and Show betting in addition to some more complicated bets which are outlined below.

Step #3 – Cheer’em Home
At post time the horses will move into position behind the starting gate. The gate picks up speed until the starting point then pulls away and the race is on. You can follow your horse by the driver’s colours or the saddle pad colour which is indicated in the program. After the race, wait until the finish is declared “OFFICIAL”. If your horse finished first, second or third (and you made a SHOW bet) go to any mutuel window to collect your payoff.

Types of Wagers

When you bet a horse to win, you collect if your horse finishes first.

When you bet a horse to place, you collect if your horse finished first or second.

When you bet a horse to show you collect if your horse finished first or second or third. You have the best chance of winning on a Show bet although the payoff is often the smallest.

To win an Exactor, you must pick the two horses finishing first and second in exact order in the same race.  You may also ask for an Exactor Box say for example box number 1 & 2 you would receive a ticket so the horses would have to finish 1-2 or 2-1 to win, this is what is called a box.  A wheel is when you take a number and wheel it with several other horses either on top for example 1 with 2,3,4 or on the bottom 2,3,4 with 1.

To win an Triactor, you must pick the three horses finishing first, second and third in exact order in the same race. You may also box the triactor and receive a ticket that gives you multiple chances for your 3 numbers to come in.  For example box 1 -2-3 and if any of the following combinations come in you win 1-2-3,1-3-2, 2-1-3,2-3-1, 3-2-1,-3-1-2,   Remember you can box 3 or more horses but each combination creates more chances to win but with a greater cost to the ticket.

To win a Superfecta, you must pick the top 4 horses in a race or box the 4 numbers you pick much like the triactor to give you multiple chances to win.  You may box 4 or more horses.

To win a Daily Double, you must pick the winners in both races designated as the Daily Double and combine them on a Daily Double ticket (not individual win tickets) prior to the first half of the Daily Double.
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