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Kawartha Downs and Speedway

Welcome Back to Harness Racing at Kawartha Downs

This Saturday July 25, 2020 will be the first race of the season that
Kawartha Downs has had visitors onsite during the races. Our owners have been offered the option of attending the track accompanied by one guest.

Kawartha Downs has many loyal spectators that are eager to be able to experience live racing once again. Our fan base has been wonderful and understanding during this process and for that we are grateful. The decision has been made to open our visitor registration to the public.

The public will be allowed to pre-register through our website to book a visitor pass for the August 1, 2020 race.

Spectators Registration

100 people maximum

Owners will be able to register from the Tuesday prior to the race starting at 2:00pm with a cut off on Wednesday at 5:00pm.

Public registration will open Wednesday at 5:00pm with registration ending Friday at 5:00pm.

All wagering will continue to be done through HPI hpibet.com

Visitor Pass

As of Saturday, July 25, Kawartha Downs will welcome back visitors in the form of owners (only owners at this time) for the first time since returning to racing. Owners are required to register online to obtain a Visitor Pass.