Harness Racing is an exciting sport, dynamic business and a major contributor to the agricultural economy in Ontario. There are 18 Standardbred racetracks in Ontario. Ontario has more race dates than any other jurisdiction in North America.

Horse racing is a year round sport, with Kawartha Downs being one of the year round race tracks. Horse Racing in Ontario is accessible through live racing and is also simulcast throughout North America.
The horse racing industry generates significant employment, particularly in rural Ontario. It employs nearly 40,000 people. The industry spends over $2.1 billion a year and is Ontario’s third largest agricultural industry. 
There are many different groups within the harness racing industry including: horse breeders, owners, trainers, groomers, drivers, veterinarians, blacksmiths, equine researchers and practitioners.
Behind the scenes, there are a variety of people who all contribute to the “race day” production and presentation of harness racing, such as judges, testing analysis technicians, photographers, television crews, mutual sellers, racetrack maintenance, food and beverage employees, race writers and various administrative roles within each racetrack.
However, the biggest supporters to the harness racing industry are of course the dedicated fans. There are thousands of fans who share the love of the sport and the horses, who enjoy the entertainment, who join us every race day for the excitement of the game. 
At Kawartha Downs we combine Harness Racing, Slot Machines and Stock Car Racing, therefore it is your ultimate entertainment destination.

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